Black Lives Enrich our World

This Website is honoring just a few of the many black people who, despite being part of an ethnic group disenfranchised for centuries, were responsibile for a immensly positive impact on society. It would be hard to imagine life today without their constributions.


The recent #BLM movement made me remember a documentary portraying Garrett Morgan, an African-American, who invited the modern gas mask.

His story had all the hallmarks of the classical American hero-inventor: A self-made man, personally saved several lifes during a highly dangerous tunnel fire by the use of his "smoke hood", and even made the patent freely available to assist soldiers in World War I. Yet, he remained virtually unknown. This lead me to the question: How many more pioneers of color are out there that are virtually unknown to the public?

After some research it became clear that many of the foundations of our modern world, from GPS to satellite maps, and even the personal computer, were the (co-)product of ingenous & courageous people of color.

Hopefully, this can help other people to discover these fascinating pioneers and serve as an inspiration for people of color everywhere.

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GPS Satellite Navigaton
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Satellite Imagery
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Home Security
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Rock and Roll
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Gas Mask
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Pediatric Cardiology
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Medicinal Drugs Synthesis
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PC Hardware Essentials
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Modern Microphone
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Cold Chain Transportation
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Civil Rights Movement
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American Revolutionary War's 1st Martyr
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1st Effective Leprosy Treatment
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Affordable Shoes
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Blues & Jazz
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Video Game Cartridge
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