Black Lives Enrich

Black lives have enriched our world in such significant ways that make it hard to imagine life today without their key contributions in politics, economics, science and the arts.


This honors only a few of the many black people who, despite being part of an ethnic group disenfranchised for centuries, dedicated their lives to making the world a better place for all of us.
Try imagining a world without any of these constributions.
Yet pioneers of color remain largely unknown to the public while their mostly white counterparts oftentimes enjoy great recognisability.
Remember that shown here are only the ones who made it, with enormous courage, through the wall of racism and discrimination.
Now think about how many innovations were lost, great minds were surpressed, cures to illneses and ideas never developed because established powers thought people of color were inferior.
Imagine how human history could have been shaped for the better, if society had provided equal rights to everyone.

Act Now

It's time to stand united and act against racism as one.
Get started by doing these 5 things right now to support positive change in society
1/5 - Raise Awareness
Help raise awareness for black peoples' accomplishments by sharing this page (or a select profile) with your friends
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2/5 - Stop Hate For Profit
Demand social networks to ban hate on their platforms
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3/5 - Black Lives Matter
The 21th century civil rights movement
Get Informed
4/5 - Register & Go Vote !
Political change only happens if you actually go vote
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5/5 - Support the NAACP
Since the 60s this civil rights group drives change
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